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I Am An Artist At Work

Dayjob Espresso & Culture is a specialty coffee house and art project by Deborah Fisher and Paul Ramirez Jonas. Its purpose is to support the integration of creativity into everyday life by making space for art that is generated by its customers, and cared for by a staff of practicing artists.

Each delicious drink comes with a quick, accessible art assignment designed to be completed at home or at work. Customers are invited to return completed assignments. The artist baristas who work at Dayjob thoughtfully care for and exhibit the steadily expanding art collection that is comprised of the art made by our customers.

Everybody has a Dayjob, and at Dayjob everyone is an artist at work. Dream with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Dayjob Espresso & Culture’s first physical location will be opening in 2017 in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene, Brooklyn.